T.H.E. Aggregate Source sister company, Tezak Heavy Equipment, Co. Inc., owns and maintains it's own fleet of trucks. Along with our professional drivers, it makes it possible to provide you with prompt delivery service. We also utilize the services of other trucking companies which allows us to service a large area and fully meet your needs with dependability and promptness. For smaller, local deliveries, we utilize our tandem trucks.

Table Mountain Boulders

18" - 24" Boulders

2' to 3' Boulders

3' to 4' Boulders

4' to 5' Boulders

5' Plus Boulders

Table Mountain Rip Rap

4" - 10" Rip Rap (Type L)

9" - 22" Rip Rap (Type M)

18" - 24" Rip Rap (Type H)

24" - 36" Rip Rap (Type VH)

Table Mountain Rock and Road Base

TM 3/4" Road Base

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TM 1 1/2" Rock

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TM 3" Rock

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TM 3-5" Rock

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